The Rival, collectively made up Allen Salmon and Phillip LaRue, recently released their self-titled debut album. The Rival’s singles “Run Run”, “Tasting Sunshine”, and “It Ain’t Over” garnered national media attention through major television placements, with Apple’s iPhone 5 launch video, Amway, ESPN, NFL Network, NASCAR, and internationally in the Netherlands and Germany.

With sharp guitar pop fused with New Wave-inspired rock, The Rival is geared toward music fans who always wanted to hear a collaboration of The Killers, Tears for Fears and MGMT. The driving, unforgettable chorus of “Run Run” and the sweeping melody of “Open Road” highlight the best of LaRue’s intimate and soaring vocals. LaRue’s vocal tenacity blends seamlessly with Salmon’s intricate backing vocals and instrumentation heard throughout the record.

Separately, Phillip LaRue and Allen Salmon have worked in Nashville writing and producing well known songs for a multitude of mainstream and indie artists. Together as The Rival they have been able to explore their creativity with even more passion and resolve. The Rival will return to the studio in October 2013 to record their follow-up release.
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